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Gifts Ideas for the Mother with Dementia

Posted by on 5/3/2019 to Dementia Activities
Have you been wondering what you might do or what gift you might give, to make Mother's Day special for the mom with dementia? Thinking a bit outside the box and considering not only gift items to purchase, but also opportunities for a meaningful experience, can be the answer.

mother's day gifts for the mom with dementia

Mother's Day Gifts Appropriate for Dementia

  •  Put together a This Is My Life storybook together, complete with details from her life and photos - great to use for reminiscing.
  • A trip to local bakery, during the quieter afternoon, for a cup of tea and a treat
  •  Flowers or a floral plant provide sensory stimulation with their bright color and scents
  •  A simple food treat like a favorite muffin, ice cream, or even a juicy piece of watermelon
  •  Books that can be enjoyed together, such as the Praise and Glory book/CD set, Celebrating America book/CD set, or the Finishing Lines books. All of these can be re-used over and over, to provide many fun moments together.
  •  A soft blanket can provide comfort and fringes on the edge can give a person who fidgets, something to manipulate
  •  A walk in the sun or park can give the gift of nature and fresh air
  •  Headphones and an ipod with favorite songs loaded on it can provide moments of joy and comfort
  •  Lavender spray which can be applied to a pillow or blanket for a calming effect
  • A decorative nightlight that looks nice, but also helps decrease the fall risk when she gets up at night
  •  Items to sort or fold (good for lower levels), like old silverware, large buttons, colored socks, cloth napkins or scarves
  •  A thick robe that can keep her warm and even absorb water after a shower, making drying off easier
  •  Colored pencils or simple paints, with simple coloring sheets.
Truly, being in the moment together and enjoying each other, as you are now, is really all you need to honor Mother's Day.  I hope the day is filled with joy for you all.

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