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Confusion with Dementia - What is It Like?

Posted by on 10/1/2016 to Communication Tips
Do You See Me? (full poem below)

confusion with dementia

Hello my name is... Wait what did you just ask?
I’m not sure what to say right now, It’s such a painful task.

I remember I was raised by mom,  Cause dad left when I was two.   
But remembering both my daughters names,  I just can’t seem to do. 

Now every day I wake up,  And don’t know where I’ve been.     
I want to reach and cry for help,  But don’t know how to begin. 

And now it’s time to shower,   How does that go again? 
I want to shed a tear and cry,   Now how do I begin?

Give me a minute and let me try,  To figure out this task. 
Hey wait that’s cold and close the door,  Why should I have to ask?

I sit and wait I’m not sure why,   No one understands,   
I need to leave and make it home, My families in demand.  

I’m tired as this day drags on,  What’s in front of me?
It looks like a plate of pudding,   As far as I can see.  

Am I suppose to eat this, What is this on my plate, 
What happened to my normal food? Please I don’t want to hate.

So if I’m angry or disgruntled, Please try and understand.    
I don’t mean any disrespect,  I’m confused it’s not my plan. 

I ask for understanding, Patience if you may.  
To bear with my afflicted state, It changes every day. 

But it doesn’t mean I don’t need love,  And care straight from the heart.  
I’ll do my best to keep my end, And hope you’ll do your part.

Author: Sonny Gonzalez



Date: 11/4/2016
Thanks for this helpful poem.

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