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Why MindStart

Why Use MindStart Products for People with Alzheimer's?

People with Alzheimer's or other form of dementia gradually begin to lose independence with daily life activities and the desire to do things. They may sit all day, watch tv, fall asleep, or become restless and anxious. The fact is that patients with dementia, such as Alzheimer's, have different needs to stay active and engaged, as the disease progresses. Having the right type of activity product is essential and can help to minimize behaviors and slow the rate of cognitive decline, as they are able to stay active in a way that makes sense for them.
MindStart products are designed by an occupational therapist, based on research concepts and testing with dementia patients, to meet the unique needs. Features include activities that are:
  • Simpler - Patients with dementia need things that have less steps, less detail, and less 'figuring out'. These are all incorporated into the design of MindStart products.
  • Adult-oriented - Children's games, puzzles, and books are not appropriate activities for adults with dementia. Instead, MindStart uses images and themes of everyday adult life tohelp stimulate memories and provide opportunities for reminiscing.
  • Just Right Challenge - The best dementia products are items that provide just the right amount of challenge. The MindStart products offer a continuum of activities some with different levels of play within one product, to help people to be engaged at all stages of dementia. Research shows the MindStart products give mental stimulation for dementia patients without being too challenging
  • Help for Caregivers - Activities for dementia patients at home can keep the person engaged, helping to reduce unwanted behaviors such as restlessness. Because of the unique design, MindStart dementia products can be completed more independently by the person with dementia, so require less caregiver oversight. This helps to ease the demands on caregivers, while providing a sense of accomplishment for the patient.

Using activities that are tailored to the interests and abilities of a person with dementia may have a positive impact, minimizing behavioral symptoms and improving quality of life. Each high quality MindStart activity is created from a person-centered perspective and is informed by theory and best evidence. MindStart is a thoughtful company contributing to positive dementia care.”

Dr. Laura Gitlin Director & Professor, Center for Innovative Care in Aging, Johns Hopkins University

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