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MindStart Dementia Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Posted by Administrator on 6/9/2013 to Dementia Activities
That special day for Father's is coming up.  The dad with Alzheimer's or other form of memory loss will enjoy a gift that he can successfully use.  The MindStart puzzles are great gift ideas, offering puzzles that are easier to do, yet dignified in appearance.  
Puzzle images are all familiar themes - popular options for Dad's might be the 26 piece Fishing or Baseball puzzles or the 12 piece Ice Cream or Vegetable puzzles.
Puzzles can help the person with memory loss to stimulate their brain, using problem solving skills and eye-hand coordination.  They also are a great thing to do together when family and friends visit. 
Have a wonderful Father's Day!



fr meyers
Date: 7/28/2013
The idea of a puzzle sounds interesting, but I am the primary caregiver to my sig other of 42 years who is also legally blind for the past years. No central vision. Any suggestions?

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