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Mother's Day Gifts Appropriate for the Mom with Alzheimer's

Posted by on 4/30/2015 to Dementia Activities
Traditional Mother's Day style gifts, such as jewelry or going out for brunch, may not be the most appropriate gift for the mom with dementia. But there are items that can be beneficial and enjoyable for mom. Use this gift guide to learn some appropriate gift ideas for mom.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Those with Alzheimer's

  • Favorite music on CD or songs loaded on an ipod with headphonesMother's Day gifts for dementia
  • A soft blanket with fringes to fiddle with 
  • A dark colored hand towel to contrast from the all white bathroom wall
  • A bag of large size buttons to sort (ensure the person will not put in their mouth)
  • Large piece puzzle, such as 63 piece Wash on the Line, 24 piece Baking or Gardening, or 12 piece Flower or Vegetable
  • Lavender spray which can be applied to a pillow or blanket for a calming effect
  • Nightlights to help decrease fall risk when mom gets up at night
  • Slippers that have a heel and non-skid bottoms, that will stay in place on the foot
  • A thick robe that can keep mom warm during showers and absorb water, minimizing the need to get cold while being helped to dry off
  • Supplies for therapeutic art activities, such as colored pencils or paint brushes (see our simplified Adult coloring books)
  • A favorite recipe prepared to enjoy together, which could be a type of dessert, appetizer, side dish. What was mom's specialties?
  • A low key outing, which could be a walk outside or a trip to a park, nature center, or arboretum.
  • Reminiscing about mom's life moments and experiences (see our This Is My Life Memory Book)
Happy Mother's Day!

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