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Why Puzzles, Games, Books for Dementia

Puzzles for Dementia

Puzzles stimulate the mind by using the skills of matching, problem solving, visualizing, and coordination of the fingers. For dementia patients, jigsaw puzzles with many pieces and detailed images are too difficult. MindStart puzzles are unique because the images have only a few, simple objects in each image, making it easier for the user to find pieces that go together. This design feature, along with having less puzzle pieces, allow the person with dementia to have the right level of mental stimulation and the best chance of success. Also, the large size of the puzzle pieces helps seniors with vision loss to easily see and handle the pieces.

large piece Barn puzzle for seniorslarge piece fall puzzle for dementialarge piece Flower puzzle for dementia

Games for Dementia

As patients with Alzheimer or other dementia decline, games that involve strategy, tracking, and memory will be too difficult. Instead, try games of chance (for example, towering block games); games that involve sorting or matching (see our adapted Rainbow Bingo); and simple trivia or basic word games (see our adapted Word Search). Games encourage people with dementia to use the brain skills that remain and are great opportunities to socialize, including family time between seniors and children.

adapted Bingo game for Alzheimer dementianumber game for dementiaactivity cards for dementia

Books for Dementia

The memory difficulties in patients with dementia make it hard for them to read and follow the story line of a traditional book. Instead look for picture books, such as the Praise and Glory book, picture cards, such as our Chat Cards or create a memory book, such as This Is My Life book. Memory books can spark memories and conversation and help people with dementia to maintain their identity, which is especially important when working with outside caregivers.

easy color book for dementia  adapted word search for dementia   memory book for Alzheimer dementia

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