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The Body, Mind, and Spirit of the Person with Dementia

Did you get a chance to see "Keeping the Spark in Life: The Importance of Staying Active with Dementia "? If not, click here to see this helpful workshop covering the importance of staying active and engaged for people with dementia, including research that shows how it can be as useful as medications; how the person's needs change by stage of dementia; and tips for successfully incorporating activity into the day. We have had great feedback about this presentation by occupational therapist and MindStart owner, Monica Heltemes, including:
  • "Great webinar! I will listen to the replay to be sure to get everything out of it."
  • "I am so glad I attended. It was definitely helpful."
Also, sign up to receive our free idea list of 50 Activities to Engage the Mind, Body, and Spirit of the Person with Dementia to help you get started. Click below to receive the list, along with others useful dementia care tips and activity ideas from MindStart.