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Words from a Dementia Caregiver

Posted by Administrator on 12/18/2012 to Daily Living Tips
A Caregivers Poem
A caregiver does their very best,
To take care of themselves & get enough rest.
But if you want the truth as hard as we try,
A lot of the time we just sit there & cry.
Some days are good & some are bad,
But more days than not I'm overwhelmingly sad.
I try my best to take care of him,
Even though I know the prognosis is grim.
I pray for patience every day,
I pray to God to show me the way,
To give him comfort & help him to see,
That he is still loved especially by me.
I hear people say,
"If you need anything call"
But I won't do that, even if I "hit the wall"
I know you mean well, but I just can't ask,
Cuz I don't know if you'll be comfortable with the task.
So instead you tell me what you can do,
To help both of us to make it through,
We need lots of help & I'd love you to be
A friend who will make this journey with me.
Can you take him to lunch?
Can you mow our lawn?
Can you sit with him when he talks on & on?
Can you pick up some groceries, or call us to see If you can come for a visit, this all would help me.
But the most powerful help that I can use,
Is the power of prayer, so now you can choose.
Come over & help & I'll welcome you here,
Or ask God to help me, He will hear your prayer.
~Elaine Hurley, 2011

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