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Throwback Thursday - Reminiscing for Dementia

Posted by on 3/3/2016 to Dementia Activities
reminiscing for Alzheimers

Today is Throwback Thursday!  Long term memories remain intact the longest for people with dementia, so tapping into those memories through conversation and even items to look at, are wonderful ways to communicate and can make wonderful connections and moments.  Here are some ideas for this week:
  • Talk about basketball and even better, bring a basketball to show the person. March Madness, the  tournament games of college basketball, can spark  conversation about basketball, other sports, and colleges the person attended.
  • Talk about the Burpee seed catalog (click to get a catalog) which can signify the coming of spring. Talk about what plants the person may have gardened in the past, if they grew from seed or not, and favorite flowers or vegetables to grow.
  • Read a book by Dr. Seuess! This month is the celebration of his birthday and his rhyming, fun words and illustrations can bring joy to people of all ages.
  • Talk about the animals re-appearing in spring, including birds and new babies. Use this Signs of Spring video activity for images and questions that can help guide the reminiscing!
What ideas do you have for reminiscing this week? Want more ideas to use? Sign up below!

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Dave Savage
Date: 3/3/2016
In addition I'd like to suggest that you request the family to bring or send a collection of photos your charge and their elders. With a video camera rolling you can ask questions of the stories that the picture is prompting. (who, what, where, why, when). What was happening before and and after the picture was taken. The recording will certainly be an appreciated and priceless gift for the entire extended family. For details on editing and storing the video in MP4 format and storing on a memory stick-thumb drive, contact me. Our website and book includes several activities that stimulate the sharing of stories and lists of story promping questions. We'd love to connect with all who read this comment. Dave Svaage - Author, educator, speaker, videographer HeartfeltMrmorialServices.com Your Guide for Planning Meaningful Funerals, Celebrations of Life and TIMES OF REMEMBRANCE

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