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Throwback Thursday: Reminiscing for Dementia Vol. 3

Posted by on 5/12/2016 to Dementia Activities
Today is Throwback Thursday! Long term memories remain intact the longest for people with dementia, so tapping into those memories through conversation is a wonderful way to connect. It can be even better if you have actual items to touch and see. Reminiscing can be an easy way to create wonderful moments! Here are some school-related ideas for this week:

reminisce for dementia school days

  • Track and field day is fun event for many elementary age kids. Talk about activities the person would do in their school yard, like track and field day or others. Was there a daily recess? What games were played? What were the rules on the playground?
  • Teacher- parent conferences, either formally or informally, are always a part of school. Ask if the person had a favorite teacher - or a not so favorite teacher.
  • Ask what subjects the person liked or disliked. If the person can't answer, give a more specific question such as "Did you like math?"
  • Ask if the school was big or small...in the country or in the city...if the person walked to school, took a bus, or received a ride.
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