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Staying Active with Dementia...Even as it Progresses

Posted by Administrator on 5/31/2012 to Daily Living Tips
Today I heard an inspirational speech by a gentleman with early stage Alzheimer's disease. Per his doctor's recommendation, he has started a new hobby, a woodworking group which includes a social 'coffee time'. He has also started taking adult learning classes and playing tennis. He is living each day, using his abilities to do things instead of lamenting his losses. People with early stage dementia can help follow these doctor orders to stay physically, socially, and mentally active, with some minor assistance. But what about people declining into middle stage dementia or even later stage? People who cannot start tasks on their own or communicate easily during a coffee time? They, also, still have abilities to use, but that will not occur unless there is caregiver help and support to make it happen. MindStart products fill a gap in the 'toolkit' needed to keep people with middle and later dementia stages active. Just as this gentleman with early dementia shared proudly today the things he does to stay engaged and stimulated, so should be the case for people with middle and later stages. See our product choices, to help guide items that would be a good fit for middle and later stages of dementia care.

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