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Providing Activities in Dementia Care

Posted by Administrator on 11/9/2012 to Dementia Activities
I spoke to a roomful of dementia care activity professionals earlier this week. Together we discussed the older notion of an "activity" and a more contemporary version, which is so key to quality dementia care. Here is one of our themes:
Activity is not a noun. It is not solely an entertainment or an item that is listed on an activities’ schedule. An activity is a verb – an ACTivity. It is an act of engaging or doing something with the person with dementia. An activity can be laughing together, taking a walk, enjoying an ice cream cone, getting dressed. Engaging the person with dementia in tasks throughout the day gives a sense of purpose and the opportunity to experience moments of life.
What do you think?  How would you define an "activity"?
Activities in Dementia Care

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