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Preparing for Dementia Care - Putting on Your Easy Hat

Posted by Administrator on 8/24/2012 to Daily Living Tips
Working and communicating with an individual with dementia takes some mental preparation and mindfulness. You cannot have the same everday, social banter that you will have with your friends or cashier at the grocery store. Questions such as "What have you been up to this summer?" or "Where do you want to shop?" will not work well for the person with dementia. The questions are open questions and vague with no clear-cut direction of how they might be answered. So before an encounter with the person with dementia, it helps to mentally prepare. Let's call this approach putting on your "easy hat". When you put on your "easy hat", you take on a new attitude and approach. When your Easy Hat is on you will: - Give only multiple choice questions - "Do you want to shop at store A or store B? - Give time for the person to respond -Be patient -Make eye contact and speak directly to the person Keep reading the MindStart Dementia Therapy blog for more tips of what to do when your Easy Hat is on or in another words, how to be most effective dementia caregiver you can be.

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