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Music as Activity for Dementia Patients

Posted by Administrator on 1/31/2013 to Dementia Activities
A recent blog post about the benefits of music therapy for individuals with dementia prompted this story from MindStart follower, Fiona.
"A few days before Christmas 2012 I went with a small group of ladies to a Care Centre for Seniors in a nearby community. We sang traditional Christmas Carols ( not things like Frosty the Snowman) and in each wing of the Care Centre everyone really seemed to enjoy the Carols and even joined in if they could. Our last place to sing was in the dining room and afterwards we went to get our coats on and leave .......... however a lady came rushing after us and said she had to speak to us."
"She told us that her husband had advanced alzheimers, was in a wheelchair and could not speak. When we started to sing this lady's husband also started to sing and sang along with the correct words! I told the lady that my husband was also in a longterm care home but could still speak sometimes. I took my coat off and went back to the dining room to speak to this lady's husband - a very sweet man who just smiled at me. Also at the table was a man who had had a severe stroke and could not speak - the lady had told me that he also had sung along with us. When I turned to him he had a big grin from ear to ear and when I took his hand he wouldn't let me go. I found all of this very moving and humbling. I was so glad that we had been able to bring the gift of song and the Spirit of Christmas to these two men."
In addition, Fiona shares the magic of music when she joins her husband for sing-a-longs at the facility he is in, for care for Alzheimer's. Thanks, Fiona, for sharing your personal experiences with us about the power music can have in people with dementia.
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