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MindStart Activities: So Appropriate for Where Mom's At in Her Life with Dementia

Posted by on 2/6/2016 to Dementia Activities
MindStart products are more than just a puzzle or game or book for the person with dementia.  They are tools that engage the person at just the right level of difficulty and allow the person to use the abilities that still remain.

Why is this so important? The reasons are many:
  • The 'use it or lose it' phenomena - the person may decline faster if he or she is not using their skills.
  • Engaging in activity uses energy in a positive way - and can help minimize or avoid negative response behaviors later.
  • Humans by nature have a need to do things and to be productive. This does not change for the person with dementia.  An activity adapted to the right level gives the person success and a sense of accomplishment.
  • They open a door for family and friends to have enjoyable moments together.
As the daughter below testifies, the MindStart products are "important to my mom's self-worth, and I believe have slowed her decline. They are so appropriate for her and where she's at in her life."

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