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MindStart - Proud of our Small Business

Posted by on 11/28/2014 to Dementia Awareness

MindStart Celebrates Small Business Saturday

Today is Small Business Saturday - a day set aside to honor small businesses around the country.  MindStart is proud to be a family-owned small business.  Here are a few facts about us:
  • MindStart was born from my "a-ha" moment when I realized all the different style of 'toys' I had for my 3 different aged children (i.e. puzzles for a 1 year old versus a 3 year old versus a 5 year old).  Simulataneously, I was working with many clients with dementia, as an occupational therapist.  I wondered, why were there not adult-oriented options that were easier for adults with cognitive loss?  I decided that these people deserved dignified and appropriate options as their cognitive abilities changed.
  • MindStart is now 4 years old and has sold product across the US and also Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, and more.
  • MindStart works with manufacturers in the USA to make our designs into products.  They are all their own small businesses.
  • MindStart is a family endeavor. Hubby helps with accounting and business decisions; mom helps with packaging orders all kinds of other things; oldest daughter Anna helps with packaging orders and data entry;  2 younger daughters hold doors at the post office and other small tasks, as they can.
  • MindStart works hard every day to support people living with dementia and their caregivers. We strive to create products and educate, all to help people with dementia stay active and engaged in life for as long as they can. We celebrate how far we have come and are excited for what the future holds!
Thanks for your support of small businesses like ours!
Monica, MindStart founder

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