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MindStart Offers Discount on Person-Centered Dementia Care Product

Posted by Administrator on 10/8/2012 to Daily Living Tips
Every October, Patient-Centered Care Awareness month is celebrated across the globe by health care organizations. It is a time for them to celebrate strides they have made in delivering patient-centered care and a time to build momentum for further plans and gains. Patient-centered, or person-centered, care is a generic term and can mean different things at different places. In essence, organizations that practice patient-centered care recognize that:
  • Each person is an individual, with unique wants and needs.
  • The patient is a person, not just a medical condition to treat.
  • Patients are partners in the health-care that they receive.
  • Staff members are there to meet the needs of the patients. An organization that supports its staff will have stronger staff that is more effective at meeting patients’ needs.

MindStart recognizes the importance of person-centered care for dementia and, also, the challenge of organizations to provide this when under economic, staff, and time constraints. The MindStart This Is My Life memory book was designed to be a patient-centered dementia care product that is portable, easy to use, and cost-effective. It is a supportive tool for staff to use to provide excellent person-centered care.

The memory book honors the life of the person by outlining their history through words and photos. It is a 20 page, 8 X 8 inch album with text prompts to incorporate key points about the person’s life. The book is hard covered and expandable, and has a place on the cover for a photograph of the individual. The book covers nine different topics of life, including former occupations and travels, favorite foods, past hobbies, and family members.
To honor Patient-Centered Care Awareness month, MindStart announces a special on quantity discount orders of the This Is My Life memory book. Organizations that order 20 or more books will have a price of $21.99 per book, a savings of over 10%. Included in the cost is a customized logo card insert that can tell more about the organization’s patient-centered dementia care philosophy. Use coupon code pccmonth when ordering or contact us by email at [email protected]. This offer is good through 10/31/12.

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