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How Can I Help my Mom with Alzheimer's?

Posted by Administrator on 1/17/2013 to Daily Living Tips
I am sharing the conversation with a MindStart Facebook fan about helping her mother with Alzheimer's, as it may help others.
"Hi my name is Christine I have my mom with Alzheimer's. She does not sleep at night, as she wakes up to ask questions about where she is. This is emotional; very painful. Sometimes I want my mom just to sit there and talk about my problems and for her to give me advice. But I can't because my mom is not there at this moment."
These are the losses of Alzheiemer's. They are dramatic and devastating and cannot be changed. All that can be changed to help the person with Alzheimer's is our approach and attitude.
My response to Christine's story: "Christina,your experience must be very painful, as you mourn the loss of the mom you once knew. She is not there as the person you knew, but she is still there. Live for those moments when you do still share a laugh, a smile, a hug, holding hands. Thanks for sharing and take care. - Monica".
To which Christina responded, "Every moment, I cherish my moments with my mom ,and try to do the best for her to have fun. We put up the Christmas tree - me, my son, my husband and my mom. She had so much fun that day.
I meet a new mom every day, and I love all of them."  
Your words are so eloquent and inspiring.  Thanks for sharing your dementia care experience, Christine.
Need more ideas of activities to do together with the person with Alzheimer's?  See our line of adapted dementia activities.

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