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Honoring Richard Taylor and the Difference He Made for Those with Dementia

Posted by on 8/6/2015 to Dementia Awareness

"We Are Not Shells of Ourselves. We Are Not Gone" - Richard Taylor on Living with Dementia

These are the powerful words of Richard Taylor, author of "Alzheimer's From the Inside Out" and a former psychologist who lived daily with dementia himself. Sadly, Richard passed away recenty from cancer. His work and words, will live on, though, as he powerfully shared about living with dementia and advocated for all people living with dementia to not be seen as 'fading away' but rather here and living everyday, albeit in a different way. Watch this short, but impactful video by Richard as he shares "no spirit dies before the body in which it resides dies" and more important lessons about the stigma of dementia.  And help honor him by continuing to support and advocate for those who live with dementia.

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