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Father's Day Moments the Dad with Alzheimer's Can Enjoy

Posted by on 6/12/2015 to Dementia Activities

Alzheimer's disease, or other form of dementia, can make visits with the person more complicated and challenging. But with a bit of pre-planning and flexibility, it can happen. Read below for some tips to having a nice visit, then watch the video for some great ideas of what you can do together, with the dad or grandfather to celebrate Father's Day. 

Tips for Visiting the Person with Alzheimer's on Father's Day

  • Conversation is difficult for the person with Alzheimer's or other form of dementia.  The person often cannot follow what is being said or have anything to contribute.  Talking can make the person more confused.  Instead, bring along items that you can do together. Takeaway point: Talk less, do more.
  • Choose an environment that will not be too overstimulating or uncomfortable.  Avoid noisy and crowded areas, minimize active kids around the person (unless they enjoy seeing them run around!), avoid hot sun, etc. Takeway point: Setting the right environment sets the stage for success.
  • Think of the best time of day to have the visit. Often people with dementia are tired by the afternoon and end of the day and, as a result, may be more anxious or restless.  Morning time is often the time of day that the person is at their best.  Takeaway point: Make the time the right time
  • If the visit is not going well - try again later or a different day. It is about enjoying the experience and each other, so who cares if it happens on the actual day of Father's Day or 1 week later.  Take away point: Just enjoy the moments!

What are some things you can do with the person with dementia on Father's Day? Watch below:

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