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Fantastic Thoughts About Living with Dementia

Posted by Administrator on 10/7/2013 to Dementia Activities

Love, Loss, and Laughter - Seeing Dementia Differently

These words are the title of a book by Sociologist and photographer, Cathy GreenblatMore than 100 photographs taken in homes, memory clinics, and day programs around the world, along with  commentaries, fill this book.  The author recognizes the loss of living with Alzheimer or other dementia - but challenges us to see the love and laughter, as well. 

See the thought-provoking quotes from Ms. Greenblat and others below.  They are poignant and inspiring - and they are exactly the reason MindStart was created:

 Activities for Dementia Work - No Matter Where

activities for dementia help
Cathy Greenblat, author of Love, Loss, and Laughter:  Seeing Dementia Differently.




People with Dementia Have Abilities


Patients with Dementia have abilities
Jack Sach, Alzheimer's Australia - Victoria




From a Person Living with Dementia - Stay Active


People with dementia should conitue activity
Gary Lovell – younger onset dementia patient



These fantastic thoughts can be viewed along with many others in a short film about this book and Ms. Greenblat's travels around the world to make a difference.  See more at

Looking for ways to support people with dementia in staying active?

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