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Christmas Tree Crafts Made Easy for Alzheimer's

Posted by on 12/15/2015 to Dementia Activities
Doing activities that relate to the holidays can help people with Alzhiemer's or other forms of dementia. For some, it will help orient them to what time of year it is. For others, they might not remember that it is December but the activities can still bring moments of fun, opportunities to socialize with others, and may bring back memories from the person's own holidays of past.

Here are a few simple, yet adult-oriented, Christmas tree crafts that can be done. Remember, it is not about the final outcome of a project, rather the 'doing' of the activity is what is important. Always provide the person with dementia with plenty of encouragement, assistance, and praise, as needed, along the way.

Christmas Tree Holiday Crafts for Alzheimer's

Christmas tree activity for dementia

  • If you do not have room for a traditional Christmas tree or just want an extra one to put in a resident's room, try making a Christmas tree on the wall! Make the shape of the tree using green garland. Then decorate in between the garland 'boughs' with colored gift bows, ribbons, or flat, lightweight ornaments that can be hung on the wall. Be sure to hand with something that will not damage the walls, such as masking tape or poster putty. And consider the person before placing one of these in a person's room - some people with dementia (those who like to manipulate things with their hands) will just quickly take it off the wall.
  • Cut out a paper green Christmas tree, then have the person use a q-tip to paint on decorations.
  • String a together bunch of Christmas tree shaped pretzels (found in a holiday bag of pretzels in stores this time of year)
  • Put a pine scented wax block in a warmer for a sensory experience
  • For a sweet treat, have the person frost and sprinkle a cookie cut out in the shape of a Christmas tree
  • Sing 'O Christmas Tree' while enjoying your craft time!
  • Get more nature-inspired ideas with the book A Calendar Year of Horticulture Therapy
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