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Alzheimer's Activities for Fall

Posted by on 10/8/2013 to Dementia Activities
Cooler temperatures and shorter days means fall is here.  Here are some great ideas for fall activities to enjoy with people with Alzheimer's and other dementias.

Activities for Early and Middle Stage Alzheimer's 

- Go on a walk and discuss the various type of trees, noting the leaves changing color. 

- Bake together, using seasonal fruits and vegetables - apple pie and pumpkin bread.

-Do an Autumn Puzzle (Middle stage may need help)fall Alzhiemer puzzle

-Visit an apple orchard or pumpkin patch together 

-Play catch with a soft football

-Enjoy the nature of fall through discussion and easy art projects.  For example, set fall leaves between pieces of clear contact paper then hang on the window for a stained glass effect.
-Rake leaves into a pile; if kids are around, let them jump in!
-'Bowl' with a small pumpkin to knock over paper cups or empty plastic water or soda bottles.

Activities for Late Stage Alzheimer's

- Bring in leaves from outdoors, put into a box or basin and allow the person to feel, see, and smell them.

-Throw the leaves in the air, so the person can see them "fall".

-Have the person find hidden items in a box of dried corn kernels (ensure the person does not put the items or corn in their mouth).

-Bake in the oven or use a spray fragrance for the aromas of pumpkin spice, apple pie, cinammon.

-Taste items - pumpkin pie, apple pie filling, cinnamon ice cream.


Activities for All Stages of Alzheimer's

- Enjoy singing about the season with songs like Shine On, Harvest Moon.



Wren Dillon
Date: 9/27/2014
Every year, I go to Goodwill and buy 8 to 10 year old pants and shirt and we make a mini scarecrow for the activity lounge. Since it is inside the Nursing Home, we use crumpled up newspaper instead of leaves, but they love to see their special little buddy through Thanksgiving.

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