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Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month

Posted by on 11/24/2014 to Dementia Awareness
President Ronald Reagan, in 1983, declared November National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness month. Ironically, years later, he would develop the disease himself. Other famous people with Alzheimer's disease include Rita Hayworth, Charlton Heston, and more recently Glen Campbell. But the names of those with this disease, actually seem few and far between, considering the prevalence of the disease. Too few know that Alzheimer's is one of the 10 leading causes of death in the U.S. What other important facts and thoughts can you share with others, to help raise awareness of this disease?

Facts to to Raise Awareness of Alzheimer's Disease

  • Of the Top 10 leading causes of death, Alzheimer's is the only one with no solid method of prevention or treatment (UsAgainstAlzheimer's).
  • This year, Congress will support more than $5.4 billion in cancer research, $2 billion in cardiovascular disease research, and $3 billion in HIV/AIDS research. Alzheimer's research will receive only around $560 million (UsAgainstAlzheimer's).
  • The number of American patients with this disease is nearly 5.4 million  (Alzheimer's Association).
  • 97% of family caregivers say their personal (marriage and friendship) relationships have suffered or even ended as a result of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia (Caring.com report)
  • Nearly half (42%) of family members caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's or other dementia spend $20,000 or more per year on caregiving (Caring.com report)

Starting the Conversation About Alzheimer's This MonthAlzheimer bookmark

  • Simply tell others, in person or through your social media sites:
    •  I know someone with Alzheimer's Disease.  Do you?
    • Take a few seconds and sign this petition to stop Alzheimer's by 2020.
    • Don't whisper about Alzheimer's; honor them by making their story heard.
    • With Alzheimer's Disease, the mind may not remember, but 'The Heart Does Not Forget'™.

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