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Alzheimer Activity - Santa Brownie Hats

Posted by on 12/8/2014 to Dementia Activities

Simple holiday activities can help the person with Alzheimer's feel a part of the holidays and can help minimize boredom, which can lead to anxiety or stronger behaviors. And they can be done together, even with smaller children in the family.

Easy Holiday Alzheimer's Activities - Santa Brownie Hats

I saw this idea and thought it was a perfect activity to do with the person with dementia. Simple steps, easy assembly, good smell and taste to stimulate the senses, and a design to celebrate the holidays. I admit, I simplified the original idea a bit, to make it easier for the person and caregiver, alike.  Follow the steps below - even print out the pictures, if you like, to provide a visual, step-by-step guide.  Even those in later stages of dementia, can do some of the individual steps.

Supplies: Strawberries, store bought white frosting, store bought Brownie bites, mini marshmallows

  1. Wash the berries.
  2. Cut off the stems, leaving a flat bottom to the berry.
  3. Spread frosting onto the top of a Brownie bite.
  4. Place the upside down strawberry onto the Brownie bite.
  5. Put a bit of frosting on the pointy top of the berry and push on the marshmallow.
  6. Smell the chocolate and the berries - num!                                 
  7. Enjoy the bright colors!
  8. Reminisce - Do you like brownies?  Did you ever pick your own strawberries?  Did Santa bring you a gift when you were young?
  9. Sing Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  10. Eat this tasty treat and enjoy!

Original source: http://daisysworld.net/2011/12/04/santa-hat-brownies/

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